Industrial Lumber

Omega Incorporated is your source for industrial lumber.  

As one of the largest manufacturers of industrial blocking and dunnage lumber in the region, we have the capacity and capability to handle any order.

Standard blocking sizes:

  • 7x9
  • 4x4
  • 3.5x6
  • 3x4
  • 2x4
  • 1x6
  • 1x4 
While these sizes are typically industry standard, we are certainly not limited to only these.  Whatever dimension and length lumber you use, we can and will make. 

Our equipment also allows us to precision cut-to-length your lumber to practically any and every length.

Specialty Items

Let Omega be your carpenter shop.

We truly care about every piece of wood that leaves our facilities providing our customers with exceptional customer service.  Because of our vast manufacturing capabilities, Omega has the fastest turnaround times on orders in the business.  We also offer vendor managed inventory (VMI) programs. 

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If it's made of wood, we'll make it for you. We have capabilities of manufacturing basically any and all wood products.