Who We Are

Omega Incorporated, headquartered in Wheatland, Pennsylvania, is a leading manufacturer of industrial lumber and fine hardwoods.


Founding of Omega

Started in 1976 on the values of hard work and integrity, Omega Incorporated is now a leading forest products company in Western Pennsylvania.  

Working out of his truck with checkbook in hand, Paul Chovan founded the company with portable sawmills in the woods.  

Paul's wife Diane, who once answered phones for the company while watching two babies at home pretending to be in an office, has also been pivotal to Omega's longevity.  


A Family Business

Omega has been a strongly run family business since its inauguration.  Not only are we family owned and operated, but we consider our employees and in turn our customers family as well.  

Paul now holds the title of CEO, youngest son Patrick was named company president in February 2014, and son Ryan is vice president and safety manager.  

Four decades since its humble beginnings, Omega currently operates eight sawmills manufacturing nearly 15 million board feet of hardwood lumber annually. 

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service.  You will not find another company as committed to our customer’s needs as we are.  Omega pushes to exceed customer expectations daily. 
Meet our team

Omega Incorporated is a family company.


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If it's made of wood, we'll make it for you. We have capabilities of manufacturing basically any and all wood products.